Safe and efficient secondary packaging.

Combined engineering and packaging expertise

We provide the complete range of cartoning solutions for all dosage forms. Find your solution for blisters, capsules, pouches and stickpack as well as for vials, syringes, ampules and other forms. Whether you need a stand alone cartoning machine, packaging design or complete line solutions, just ask us.

TopLoading solutions for parenterals

For over three decades Dividella has delivered solutions for secure and flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products. Our patented top-loading method forms the basis for an evolutionary approach to a pharmaceutical product lifecycle, characterized by sustainable, patient-friendly and regulatory conscious concepts. This all means savings on Total cost of Ownership & of your Package!

Sideload cartoning machines

For all its primary packaging machines Mediseal offers perfectly matched cartoning machines which have been developed for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The flexible, servo-motor driven P1600 and P3200 cartoning machines make it possible to extend a blister machine, a deep-draw blister machine, a sachet machine or a stickpack machine into a high-performance line. As general-purpose cartoning machines, they handle packaging of vials.

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