Flexible Blister production all along the line.

Blister packaging solutions

Due to the consistent modular design of our blister machines they can be tailored flexibly to your needs. Modular construction means clear separation of zones and optimal accessibility to the different areas. Even difficult materials and unusual product shapes can be processed reliably and in accordance with GMP standards. Several hundred machines world-wide testify to this successful approach.

What we offer

  • Primary packaging of solid dose applications
  • Deep draw blister machines for parenterals
  • Small lot solutions (White Line by Mediseal) >>
  • Dedicated feeding solutions
  • Stand alone or complete blister lines
  • Containment solutions >>

Small lot solutions for blister packaging

The trend towards smaller lot sizes of packaged products is expected to accelerate in the coming years. Lots of 20,000 or fewer are becoming the norm and lots of under 100 are increasingly common. The logical end point of lots of single packaging is now conceivable. For the conventional packaging process however, small lot sizes can mean a massive decline in productivity as measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  But there are a number of variables you can act on to combat declining productivity due to shrinking lot sizes.

Containment solutions: Packaging of highly effective medicine

Containment is becoming increasingly important as the legal requirements for safe packaging of highly effective solid medicines become ever more stringent.  Personnel and production areas must be protected from harmful effects. When products are changed, it is essential to prevent cross-contamination.

Your Advantages

  • Airtightness check on every product change
  • Hygenic design in the dosing area and product infeed, for residue-free cleaning (including wet cleaning)
  • Fully automated partial vacuum regulation and monitoring
  • Safe product feed of solids, by means of the bag-in / bag-out system
  • All elements inside the isolator are designed for operation using gloves.
  • Avoidance of contamination when removing transport bags and filter cakes using liner systems
  • Integrated ventilation system for permanent negative pressure in the isolator and for extraction of dust and fragments
  • Flexible system design to meet your specific requirements

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