High-quality and flexible visual inspection.

A new generation of visual inspection

Ampules, cartridges and vials with liquid and lyophilised contents, as well as syringes, are inspected visually by an operator for particles and cosmetic defects, using an automatic product handling system. With its new generation V90+ Seidenader puts visual inspection to a new level.

Our offer:

  • Inspection of different criteria on one machine
  • Handling of a wide variety of container types
  • Detection of particles and cosmetic defects
  • Inspection of liquied and lyophilized products

Your benefits:

  • Top quality visual inspection
  • Maximum flexibility
  • High efficiency
  • Ergonomic design

Optimal conditions for visual inspection

  • Pre-rotation of the containers
  • Magnifying lens
  • Special illumination
  • LED feedback bar
  • Up to 9,000 container per hour
  • Adjustable inspection angle (optional)

Semi-automatic inspection overview

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