Improve your results with high-presicion technology.

The right machine for every requirement

For your parenteral and lyophilized products our inspection machines offer serveral options for high-precision inspection. Whether you have vials, cartridges, ampules, syringes, need highest output or maximum flexibility - we have the machine and technology that fit your requirements.

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Keith Bailey

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Our offer:

  • Camera inspection
  • High voltage inspection
  • Laser absorbtion spectroscopy
  • Detection of particles and cosmetic defects
  • Leak detection
  • Closure inspection
  • Needle shield inspection

Your benefits:

  • Advanced inspection
  • Smooth handling
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Excellent design

Inspection of vials, ampules, cartridges

automatic inspection machine for vials, ampoules, syringes, cartridges
  • High-performance inspection with various options: VI-/MS-Series
  • For smaller production environments: ES-/CS-Series

High-performance inspection of prefilled syringes

  • MS-S for up to 24,000 syringes per hour
  • VI-S for up to 36,000 syringes per hour


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Inspection of infusion bags, large BFS or glass containers

Applications and inspection criteria

  • inspection of glass bottles and flexible containers
  • printed or unprinted containers, clear or semi-transparent
  • standard inspection criteria: moving particles, plastic material, fibres, fill level
  • optional inspection criteria: seam defects, hanger geometry, port system molding defects, inclusions and plies

Technical data

  • Throughput rate: up to 15,000 units/h (depending on container size and machine configuration)
  • Range of sizes: 100 ml - 1,000 ml


More information

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