Tablet sorting, sample checking ... it's all about quality.

Tablets, dragees or capsules

Improve your product quality with our mechanical thickness sorting machine – simple sorting of products which are misshapen, too thick, too thin, stuck together, or in small fragments – before the next process step.

Seidenader's DS12+ automatic thickness sorting machine is user-friendly and requires little maintenance.

Sample checking with the handy VPE

Table-top unit for visual sample inspection of liquid products for particles and cosmetic defects

Method of operation

The containers are placed individually in the holder, which will be rotated at a steplessly adjustable speed. Particulate impurities in the liquid are whirled up. A highly concentrated light directed through the bottom of the container, which is steplessly adjustable in its intensity, causes reflections of the particles (similar to the Tyndall effect); these are easily detectable using a magnifying lens. For cartridge and syringe inspection, a steplessly adjustable, polarised background light can be applied instead.

The advantages

  • A wide range of containers and sizes up to 100 ml
  • Compact design, low weight, very easy handling
  • Light through bottom of container, steplessly adjustable intensity, plus polarised background light, also steplessly adjustable
  • Rotation speed steplessly adjustable
  • Magnifying lens, 4 dpt
  • Fast, toolless format changes

Decontamination of containers using the tried-and-tested DAR

Outside cleaning machine for decontamination of containers after filling with highly effective products

Method of operation

After filling with antibiotics, cytotoxics and other toxic products, solutions containing sugar, liquids containing oil and vitamin B12, it is important that no product residues remain on the outside surfaces of containers, in order to ensure the protection of personnel and patients as well as optimal subsequent processing.

The containers are transferred inline or from a cassette by a conveyor belt into synchronised star wheels. They go through a hot-water pre-rinse section, a cleaning section with hot water or cleaning solution and a rinsing area. Caps, stoppers and crimped edges remain dry. They are then dried by compressed air nozzles. As an option, an adjustable-height warm air blower with temperature control is available. The cleaned, dry containers are then passed on to the next machine or collected in cassettes.

The advantages

  • For ampules, vial and cartridges from 0.5 - 250 ml
  • Adjustable cleaning and drying nozzles with precise scaling for reproducible format settings
  • Dry caps and crimped rims ensured thanks to specific settings of the rinsing and cleaning nozzles
  • Plug-in format parts for fast, trouble-free format conversion
  • Economical water consumption: clear rinsing water is collected in a recirculation tank and re-used for pre-cleaning
  • Low noise level thanks to soundproof housing

Syringe feed using the compact SyWalker

Conveyor system for feeding ready-to-use syringes as bulkware for cleaning, labelling or inspection in high-speed machines

Method of operation

Syringes are fed into the machine as bulk material, manually or via a conveyor belt. Plates arranged in a cascade move vertically against each other and convey the syringes to the top of the SyWalker, where they slide into a transport system of round belts running in parallel. Suspended, they are conveyed into a discharge chute.

The advantages

  • Up to 24 000 syringes/hour
  • Glass and plastic syringes up to 5 ml
  • Quieter functioning than conventional vibrating feeder bowls
  • Fast format changes and fast disassembly of the machine for cleaning and emptying of the machine
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Gentler transport than centrifugal conveyors

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