Flexibility throughout the line.

Blister and deep-draw blister machines for all dosage forms

Short production times, flexible solutions and the best quality are daily requirements in the competitive environment of the international pharmaceutical industry. Our modular construction means clear separation of zones and optimal accessibility to the different areas. Even difficult materials can be processed reliably and in accordance with GMP standards.

Our blister and deep-draw blister machines are designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Clinical studies and small lot sizes (CP200)
  • Classic applications (CP400)
  • High output, 1- or 2-track (CP600)
  • Highest output and large format width (CP1200)
  • As a compact solution without limitations on format and choice of film (CP2)
  • As a robust general-purpose solution with multiple configuration options (CP3)

For classical applications - CP400

Blister packaging line, blister machine in connection to a sideload cartoner

Overview CP400 blister machine
Machine poster (PDF)

For clinical studies and small lot sizes - CP200

CP200 blister machine for clinical trials and small lots.

For high output, 1- or 2-track - CP600

Blister line, high-output,

Overview CP600 blister machine
Machine poster (PDF)

For highest output and a large format range - CP1200

CP1200 - High-performance blister machine, 2-lane or 3 lane, suitable for large format ranges and special applications

Compact and flexible - Deep draw blister machine CP2

Deep-draw blister machine from Mediseal

The allrounder - Deep draw blister machine CP3

CP3 deep draw blister machine with a huge variety of configurations, large format range, proven construction, robustness thanks to pillar-mounted stations, handy format parts

LSC - Late Stage Customization

Mediseal's LSC® "Late Stage Customisztion" concept gives you the option of cleverly combining small batches of packaging and assembling them later. In the BIB BOB module, for example, standardised, unprinted or partly printed blisters are collected and later printed and cartoned together for specific customers - with the result that overall equipment effectiveness can be significantly increased.


Containment is becoming increasingly important as the legal requirements for safe packaging of highly effective solid medicines become ever more stringent.  Personnel and production areas must be protected from harmful effects. When products are changed, it is essential to prevent cross-contamination.

For more than 10 years Mediseal has been offering its customers solutions tailored to their special requirements. These solutions are suitable for packaging under defined climatic conditions with preset temperature and humidity.

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