Quality, process safety, customer focus: Seidenader inspection solutions

Within the pharmaceutical industry, Seidenader stands for high-quality inspection of parenterals. Professional project management, a continuous ROI approach and highest flexibiility makes Seidenader a perfect partner for its customers.

A combination of the very latest mechanical engineering and in-house development of sophisticated camera applications, together with their expertise in handling large-scale projects, make Seidenader a perfect partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Seidenader's experience of handling all kinds of pharmaceutical containers ensures that the systems are safe, cost-effective and reliable.

Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH is located in Markt Schwaben, Germany close to the Bavarian capital Munich.

Christian Gamperl, Marketing Director, Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH, presents Seidenader's solutions in one minute.

For sustainable investment: Total Cost of Ownership

When developing products, Seidenader has the entire service life of the machine in view: energy consumption, repair costs, maintenance cycles and the expandability of our systems. Intelligent solutions offer great potential for savings on total operating costs. Rapid amortization of initial procurement costs is a feature of our machines, deriving, for example, from their high product throughput, minimization of wearing parts and optimization of service intervals and spare part costs.

The flexibility of Seidenader machines reduces your capital outlay: an existing system can be reconfigured quickly and simply to suit any of your container formats and products. If your product line is expanded, a Seidenader inspection machine can be upgraded or retrofitted even after many years.

Regulations in view

GMP, FDA, governments - Seidenader provides solutions tailored to customers' needs, meeting current and future requirements laid down by standards, regulations and legislation.

One example: Annex 1 for capping of lyophilised vials - On 1 March 2010 the transition period of Annex 1 for the capping of lyophilised vials ended; para.121 reads:
121. Containers with missing or incorrectly seated stoppers should be rejected before caps are fitted. Where human intervention is necessary at the capping station, appropriate technology should be used to prevent direct contact with the containers and minimise microbiological contamination.


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