Dividella - Pharma toploading cartoning systems

For more than thirty years Swiss precision, reliability and quality have defined Dividella and their pharmaceutical packaging solutions. For almost just as long Dividella has been developing and perfecting their toploading systems for secondary packaging of vials, ampules, syringes, pens, combination packages and many others.

The sustainability of their solutions is important to Dividella. The use of mono-material and the development of carton-based packaging provide environmentally friendly, high-performance solutions that are characterized by very low overall costs (Total Cost of Ownership).

High individuality, flexibility and modularity support the future success of Dividella's technologies and their service. These qualities ensure that your packaging machinery is well prepared for future requirements.

Dividella AG is located in Grabs, Switzerland, in the Canton St. Gallen close to the famous Alps.

Christoph Hammer, CEO, Dividella AG, presents Dividella's solutions in one minute.

Toploading cartoners for the pharmaceutical industry

Dividella's family of toploaders covers all packaging requirements. The NeoTOP machine family consists of a wide range of machines and configurations for different production volumes. The same package can run on all machines.

Flexible packaging systems - individual solutions

Our patented toploading method forms the basis for solutions to keep evolving and are characterized by sustainable, patient-friendly and environmentally conscious concepts.


On the basis of its particular expertise Dividella has already developed many different customised feed systems, linked to upstream machines. These systems are used in many different applications, field-tested and further developed to guarantee maximum operational reliability.


Dividella's modular and flexible machine design focuses both on Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Package. With the target to meet both: compliance in packaging design and cost savings.

Proof of concept

Dividella becomes Ameristar Packaging Award and World Star Award winner

World Star packaging Award

1st place Ameristar Packaging Award 2013 and World Star Award 2013/2014 - Sanofi Pasteur. A reduction in pack volume of 50% cut the expensive cold-chain shipping & storage costs in half.

The TOPLoading carton is made from 100% recyclable paperboard material, and eliminated pre-made plastic trays and lid material, resulting in a savings in excess of $1,000,000 annually. A reduction in pack volume of 50% cut the expensive cold-chain shipping and storage costs in half. The NeoTOP 804 syringe cartoning system from Dividella provided four times the throughput of the previous system, with a capacity of 800 syringes per minute. The Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) doubled from 35% to over 70%. The machine is also configured to package vials, needles, and combination packs for other products.

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