Seidenader's modular approach

Seidenader’s new Track&Trace Solutions software is modular in design. An individual solution is built according to customer needs for the relevant jobs (serialization, aggregation, rework and production data capture). 80% of the requirements in a normal project can be met by the modular standard software. The remaining 20% can be covered by automated and manual configuration.

Serialization solutions

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The hardware solution


Seidenader's ItemUnit provides a modular, expandable solution for the serialisation of your folding boxes. They are identified by inkjet or laser printing, applied directly to the box. Optionally, pre-printed or inline printed labels can be applied. Printing is checked and verified by tried-and-tested Seidenader Vision Technology; incorrect boxes are rejected by an integrated reject system. In addition, product characteristics such as weight and dimensions can be inspected in the ItemUnit. Application and verification of tamper-evident seals is also possible, to ensure protection from tampering.

The ItemUnit can be used with manual product removal as a stand-alone solution. With an Inline solution, the boxes will be automatically conveyed to the next packaging level after serialisation.

The software products

Technical features

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