Knowing what the pharmaceutical industry is all about - Serialization solutions by Seidenader

Seidenader combines engineering know-how, experience of industrial image processing, know-how from programming appropriate software and a comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturing and logistics processes.

Seidenader serialization solutions enable serialization at each aggregation level in pharmaceutical packaging. The company offers stand-alone solutions as well as integration of components into third-party systems at each secondary packaging level. Using serialization with 1D/2D coding including human-readable text, Seidenader's solution supports anti-counterfeiting initiatives and ensures product authentication. And Seidenader guarantees conformity with legal and country-specific regulations – today and tomorrow.

Serialization solutions

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Seidenader's motivation for good serialization solutions


Product piracy involving medicines causes harm to patients, which in addition to endangering health also causes significant economic detriment to manufacturers. Serialization solutions offer security - for being on the safe side: patient and manufacturer.

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Always in focus: the product on its way to the patient - product traceability

When drug products are recalled, there is one thing which is critical: traceability of the products. The same applies to products which are sold illegally on the so-called grey market. This is the only way to prevent greater economic damage.

Seidenader's solutions: co-ordinated hardware and software components for serialisation.

More information (Seidenader website)